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You can become a member on withfriends to help support the space, and get discounts on event admissions. Or, you can get involved as a volunteer (scroll down for more info on that).

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We welcome and appreciate having folks join as volunteers! Membership as a volunteer is pretty informal, but if you are interested in helping with setup or teardown for an event, you can attend that event and an additional one for free.

We also welcome proposals for workshops, talks, and other educational events.

You can get in touch with us by emailing us at:

phasespace.nyc (at) gmail (dot) com

Or talk to us before or after an event.


At Phase Space we are primarly about teaching, sharing, and helping one another, so basically, anything which impedes any of these processes is not cool.

To be more specific: we will not tolerate any prejudice or chauvinism based upon ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexuality, ability, class background, educational background, or personal artistic/engineering practices.

We encourage everyone to participate in the open sharing of information and mutual learning. So doing that thing where you try to keep your artistic or technical methods secret is highly discouraged within our community.

We intend to create a space where everyone feels comfortable enough to speak up if someone’s speech or actions are making anyone uncomfortable. Please remember that it is always possible to say something which is hurtful or offensive to someone else, even if that was not your intention, and make an effort be open to discussion at any point.

That last part is probably the most important take away from this. Be Open To Discussion at Any Point! We can only build a community that lasts if we are able to be receptive to each other’s concerns and evolve as needed.

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